State of the Forest

  • Idaho's collaborative groups influence the pace and scale of forest restoration on federal lands.
  • Projects supported by the groups are in various stages of design, environmental review and implementation.
  • And each year, Collaborative Groups engage with Forest Service teams to initiate new projects.
  • State of the Forest tracks general metrics about the scale of restoration.  Updates occur throughout the year when projects progress.
  • The summary information below is in table and chart formats. 
  • Where are the projects located?  Refer to the statewideExternal link opens in new tab or window map of project locations .

Navigating the Reports/Charts

  • Two reports and two charts summarize project scale and the pace (NEPA duration).
    • Tables: Scale of Restoration, Pace of Restoration
    • Charts: Scale of Restoration, Pace of Restoration
  • Switch between the four options  by moving the cursor into the web page, and look for a gray navigation bar at the bottom. 
  • Click the down arrow located in the gray bar to choose an option by name.
  • Drilling Down on Scale of Restoration: 
    • Both the report and the chart display metrics aggregated by Collaborative Group, with the option to drill down to view more detail for the individual projects.
      • Report Format
        • Click on the name of the Collaborative Group to select the group.
        • Look in the upper right, above the table, for a "down" arrow.
        • Click the down arrow to view the list of projects supported by the Collaborative Group.
      • Chart Format
        • Click on a bubble to select it.
        • Look in the upper right above the chart for a "down" arrow.
        • Click the down arrow to view the chart of individual projects supported by the Collaborative Group.


ThisExternal link opens in new tab or window ten minute tutorial video includes hints for first time navigation of the map and reports.


Encumbered Decisions

A collaborative approach to forest restoration projects is an effective method to engage a broad range of stakeholder interests in a National Forest. Completing the project design and the environmental review, however, does not guarantee successful implementation.  Natural disturbance, particularly wildfire in our region, can cause an Interdisciplinary Team to return to square one.  Legal challenges to a Forest Service Decision (Record of Decision or Finding of No Significant Impact) occasionally suspend work and nullify the decision.  The report below lists projects for which the Forest Service Decision was encumbered, in spite of the commitment to collaborative group engagement.